Like many ideas, Hibble started as a dinner conversation. Sophie and Jack were on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevadas. As they were unloading their heavy backpacks, they realized that while they had at least a dozen different foods, their canine companion had just one bag of kibble. “I sure wish I could eat like that dog!” both thought.

Hibble Co. began in Sophie's small but cozy dorm room.

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Over the next few months, the idea grew and grew, until Jack and Sophie couldn’t stand it anymore. They desperately wanted a delicious, vegan food to satisfy all of their dietary needs. One fateful night, they ordered Hibblizer 1.0 – a $16 sausage extruder. With a bowl each of beans and rice, the first ever Hibble was born!

Hibble was a joy from the first bite. It quickly became a sensation in Jack and Sophie’s dorm, where they spent many evenings perfecting the recipe. Although the COVID-19 pandemic delayed development, the Hibble dream lived on.

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The early days of Hibble.

Finally, Hibble was ready for the next level: researching late into the night, Jack and Sophie finally purchased Hibblizer 2.0 and set to work creating the food of the future.